Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd.

Our History

Our successful history in forest analysis and the experience of our team members, combined with our leading-edge software and innovative products, makes Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd. an exciting new company with a rich past.

Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd. was developed out of the resource analysis group of Hugh Hamilton Limited (HHL), which operated as a natural resource management consulting firm from 1968-2000. Through a restructuring and rejuvenation process, the operating divisions of HHL had an opportunity to establish new business units while maintaining their strategic associations. One of HHL's operating divisions was the resource analysis group, offering high-tech, strategic tactical forest management analysis, decision support and planning services.

Key employees from the resource analysis group initiated Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd. and they are now continuing with this exciting operation. Combined with analytical geographic information services (GIS), our propriety software FSOS is the nucleus of our forest planning services.