Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd.


Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd. uses a team approach to complete projects for our clients. Our team includes staff and external associates.


Chris Niziolomski, RPF

President, Senior Resource Analyst

Antti Makitalo, M.Sc., RPF

Senior Resource Analyst

Franz Feigl, M.Sc.

Spatial Analyst

Claire Tweeddale, P.Geo. (non-practising)

GIS Analyst

Rueben Schulz, M.Sc., RPF

Resource Analyst / GIS Analyst

Yu Nick Chen, MSFM, FIT

Junior Resource Analyst / GIS Analyst


Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd. has formed alliances with strategic partners that provide superior complementary service and technology in the management of forest resources. The following partners allow us to offer scalable, value-added service to meet our clients' needs: