Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd.

Our Services

Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd.'s services are focused on providing value to our clients by helping them make informed decisions. In response to the increased complexity associated with resource management, we offer the staff and technology required to plan, forecast and evaluate sustainable forest management options.

Our service areas include:

Forest Analysis

The management of large forested landscapes is not a simple process. Diverse public objectives, efforts to regulate biological systems, uncertain futures and long time frames create monumental tasks for forest managers. Decision support systems and models assist forest managers in dealing with this complexity, and provide the tools to develop 'what if' forecasts, evaluate an existing strategy or develop a new strategy.

We are in the business of providing forest analysis and decision support services to the forest industry and government with FSOS and Patchworks. Our forest analyses and decision support services include forecasting, plan evaluation and plan development. As a very flexible forest management tool, FSOS has been utilized successfully in the following analyses:

Each of these applications of FSOS has been proven in an actual project and can be easily customized for any jurisdiction.


Our GIS staff are highly skilled and have experience working on projects from a variety of disciplines, including:

In addition to working directly for clients, the GIS staff also provides support to our analysis services through digital data preparation, data analysis, and presentation and analysis of spatial FSOS output.