Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd.

Harvest Sequencing and Scheduling

Forest management has experienced increasing regulations in jurisdictions throughout the world. Recently, spatial constraints such as adjacency and green-up, maximum clear-cut area, patch-size distributions, and desired age-class distributions have been initiated. These spatial constraints must now be considered in conjunction with forest-level calculations of sustainable harvest-levels, requiring forest managers to determine where and when an operational harvest unit (block) can be established. Spatial modelling has been identified as a tool to assist in linking the strategic and tactical timber supply that is now required from regulations.

Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd. offers services that integrate timber supply analyses and spatial harvest scheduling. Because FSOS tracks the spatial location of forest stands, harvest units, non-timber resources, and resource emphasis areas over time, we are capable of producing spatial harvest schedules that meet all resource values, including the strategic timber supply.

The spatially explicit tactical harvest schedules that we produce provide operational direction to our clients. While the harvest schedules produced are not fully operational, our clients use them as direction for annual operating and development plans. Forest managers review and assess the model schedule for operational feasibility, which may include field reconnaissance. It is possible to go through several iterations before a final tactical plan is developed.