Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd.

Intensive Forest-Level Silviculture Analyses

Decisions to undertake intensive silviculture activities are usually made on a stand by stand basis without consideration of forest management objectives or the resulting effect on forest resource indicators. As such, the decision of whether to undertake intensive silviculture would not be objective or provide a quantifiable assessment of management objective achievement.

However, our analysis service goes beyond the stand level assessment of silviculture viability, to the forest level. FSOS provides results that link the broader resource objectives of higher-level planning, silviculture investment decision-making, and on-the-ground project selection through spatial map products.

Our results give forest managers a solid foundation from which to make sound silviculture program and budget decisions because our analyses consider intensive silviculture choices at both strategic and tactical levels. Using FSOS gives forest managers a realistic understanding of how stand-level treatments will work to achieve the desired future forest condition and forest management objectives.