Forest Ecosystem Solutions Ltd.
Last updated August 2009

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Our GIS technology is an important component of the comprehensive analytical decision support services we provide.

The strength of our solutions comes from our fundamental belief in conducting a thorough analysis. The high quality of our analysis is directly linked to our emphasis on gaining a complete understanding of all the data. The professional and collaborative approach of our GIS team ensures that the results remain meaningful throughout, and that we do not get lost in technical details that contribute little to the success of the project.

We have developed GIS routines and processes that give us - and ultimately you - an edge in examining, manipulating, and considering data. The most important routines and process have been combined to form the Polygon Manipulation Tool (PMT). For more information, please contact Franz Feigl

FESL currently uses ArcGIS (Arc/Info level) Version 8.1 or Version 9.3 for all GIS processing needs. We have access to eight Arc/Info licenses and the full range of Arc/Info modules, including Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst. The GIS team at FESL specializes in the management of large datasets, and in terms of hardware and software, the team is very well equipped to handle such datasets.

We also have the ability to create customized applications in ArcMap using ArcObjects programming. An example of this is the Wildfire Risk Management System dynamic model (WRMS), which we have developed and customized for several clients. For more information, please contact Claire Tweeddale.